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The word ‘digital’ itself is almost becoming an anachronism. Everything is digital; radio, outdoor, TV and Ads are served over the web. If you had a business and you felt that you could get some value by reaching a large amount of people online, certainly the internet is an obvious choice. Indeed, digital is going to be everything in the future.

We need to be able to evaluate everything that creates increasing challenges. Companies have been serving ads to individual people at a per household basis. The way online advertising is done has been powerfully mismanaged and it is the viewer that has been punished. People have been using Ad blockers for a long time and Google has to try and find a means of countering the ad blocker.

Nobody wants to see ads, but most people can understand that the ads help to support the content. On the other hand, people shouldn’t have to watch ads if they don’t want to. The industry eventually caught on to the fact that more and more platforms or media are moving toward less advertising and stay focused on what they can provide to their viewers o customers.

On the contrary, some people choose to watch an ad if they wish to support the content creators. In Youtube, viewers can support a content creator for free by watching an ad and by choosing to watch the ad. Maybe it’s like a tipping system and the longer the ad, the more revenue is sent to the content creator. This digital advertising system makes more sense than compulsive advertising because the latter is spammy and intrusive. If you give the people the option rather than force them to check your ads, they might get on board with it.

In a nutshell, we believe that we will see more creative impression of people telling what brands are important to them. Beyond that, companies, marketers, and publishers continue to create effective advertising strategy and choose advanced methodologies to satisfy their customers.