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Companies and businesses are spending more on digital advertising rather than conventional advertising such as TV and radio advertisement. The big switch is very evident due to consumers spending more time surfing the internet rather than potato couching in front of the television.


Social Media and Websites are Becoming the Digital Marketing Channel


Since social media and websites hit the market, companies are spending more efforts into putting up their pages and social media sites. The internet is so powerful it can reach millions of people all across the globe. It also doesn’t require a massive investment compared to putting up ads on television or radio. Mostly, almost all of the people have their own social media account which makes them easier to target.


Digital Advertising Requires Creative Mind and Drag-and-Drop Job


Unlike conventional advertising, digital advertising does not require so much camera, heavy equipment, and crew to come up with an advertisement that can sell to anyone. More often, a creative mind and patient crew are all it needs to come up with an ad.


Digital Advertising Reaches the World


The internet is an open and floating space full of information that can pass and acquire by anyone who is living in any part of the world as long as there is access to the internet. This alone means that the possibility of an advertisement to reach every corner of the world is limitless and unpredictable. What more is that it can stay online for as long as the company wants.


Digital Advertising is Cheaper and Optimize Conversion


As mentioned earlier, people are spending more time online doing anything and everything, from a social gathering, to shopping, to playing games. When they see an advertisement on a page they are on and click it; it results in conversion. Social media and websites are convincing in such a way a single click can often lead to long term customers.