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How the Adult Industry is making a killing with Digital Advertising

No one could have ever imagined that pornography would be where it is at today. Statistics show that porn sites receive more traffic per day than many top traditional sites. Some adult sites such as manage to get millions of visitors each week. If that wasn’t enough, you have porno moving more towards mainstream each day. Companies that would have never considered advertising in adult sites a decade ago are doing so now. All of this has helped put the adult industry in place it never was – or imagined – it would ever be. That is at the front and center of society itself.


It wasn’t long ago that porn sites began taking their cue from video hosting sites such as YouTube. By copying the success of the YouTube, they have singlehandedly managed to turn smut into the behemoth it is today. More importantly, to push it to the point where porn is starting to be accepted everywhere. Only a few years ago, people who looked at pornography were frowned upon. Those that viewed it had to do so anonymously. While that is still true to some extent, many things have changed. There is a large population which is no longer keeping their penchant for adult content quiet. Not only are these people not afraid to admit they are watching porn, but they are also taking part in it.

Case in point isĀ  can find online today. Part of that has to do with the millions of individuals worldwide recording their porn videos. Then, they upload and share them on porn sites for the whole world to see. Whatever fetishes they may have had, these folks are recording them. Or whatever sexual fantasies people desire to look at, these folks are putting them front and center on porn tube sites. If that wasn’t enough, you also have individuals linking their social media accounts to the adult pages they visit. Or sharing the sex videos, they see using social media buttons.

The result has been great for the adult industry. Regular businesses realize that adult sites are getting zillions of visitors. For many of those companies who want to reach these folks, porn sites are ideal. For instance, those that sell adult-related sex toys or lingerie can advertise there. Through digital marketing, the adult pages can deliver for these businesses. Better yet, many of the ads found on adult sites such as are interactive and fun. Indeed, all this proves that pornography is here to stay. And that they are using digital advertising to make a bunch money off of it as well.